Things To See

Take a walk on the wildside through Edinburgh Butterfly & Insect World and see how many creepy crawlies, reptiles and animals you can spot! 

Bugs and Beasties:

Wander into the Bugs and Beasties exhibition and discover the weird world of the mini-beast, including tarantulas, stick insects, frogs and millipedes, all living in purpose-built enclosures. 

Nocturnal Zone: 

The Nocturnal Zone uses infra-red light to illuminate the night-time activities of many of these creatures. 

Reptile Room:

The Reptile Room provides a home for lizards, chameleons and giant pythons.



Take a look at our collection of weird and wonderful animals. 

Jungle Gift Shop: 

Treat your little ones to a soft toy, book, keyrings and more so they can remember their trip. 

Fun Fact

Butterflies have four wings and have taste receptors on their feet.